What Personal Data We Collect and Why We Collect It

At MyIblis.com, we collect personal data from our users to enhance their experience on our site. This data may include name, email address, personal account preferences, transactional data such as purchase information, and technical data such as information about cookies. We also collect sensitive personal data if necessary, such as data concerning health.

The reason for collecting personal data is either based on legal requirements or with the user’s active consent. The data we collect helps us to better understand our users’ preferences and provide them with personalized content and services.


We collect data from users through comments on our site. The default data collected by WordPress includes the commenter’s name, email address, and website URL.


When users upload media files on our site, they may disclose personal information. All uploaded files are publicly accessible.

Contact Forms

If a user submits a contact form on our site, we may collect their name, email address, and message. This data is kept for a limited period for customer service purposes and is not used for marketing purposes.


MyIblis.com uses cookies to track user behavior and preferences. The cookies we use include those set by plugins, social media, and analytics.


We use [Name of Analytics Package] for analytics purposes on our site. Users can opt-out of analytics tracking if they choose. A link to our analytics provider’s privacy policy can be found [Link to Privacy Policy].

Who We Share Your Data With

MyIblis.com does not share any personal data with any third party providers.

How Long We Retain Your Data

We retain personal data collected or processed by our site for [Retention Period]. The schedule of data retention is determined by our company and is listed in this privacy policy.

What Rights You Have Over Your Data

Our users have the right to access, modify, and delete their personal data. They can invoke these rights by contacting us through the contact information provided in this privacy policy.

Where Your Data Is Sent

Any transfers of data outside the European Union are protected to European data protection standards. This protection is achieved through agreements such as Privacy Shield, model clauses in contracts, or binding corporate rules.

Contact Information

For privacy-specific concerns, you can reach us through the following contact information: [Phone Number, Email Address]. If we have a Data Protection Officer, their name and full contact details will be listed in this section.

Additional Information

How We Protect Your Data

We take measures to protect our users’ data, including technical measures such as encryption and security measures such as two-factor authentication. Our staff is trained in data protection, and we have carried out a Privacy Impact Assessment to ensure the safety of our users’ data.

What Data Breach Procedures We Have in Place

In the event of a data breach, we have procedures in place to quickly address and resolve the issue, including internal reporting systems, contact mechanisms, and bug bounties.

What Third Parties We Receive Data From

Our site may receive data from third parties, including advertisers. This information is included in our privacy policy under the section on third-party data.