Zofia Elite New military-style in Rainbow Six Siege

Zofia Elite

Earlier this year, a new Elite set for attack operator Rainbow Six Siege Zofia was leaked when the Rainbow Six Operation Void Edge test server went live…

Now, as players prepare to usher in Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Season 2, Operation Steel Wave soon, the new Zofia Elite Set has landed live in-game. As you can see in the clip posted by developer Ubisoft on Twitter below, Zofia’s new Elite Set brings a “Duch Bojowy uniform” design. The fur adds a navy blue uniform, with sunglasses tucked into his pocket, and gray beret, and appears to be inspired by a Polish military uniform.

The phrase “Duch Bojowy” roughly translates to “fighting spirit” according to the Google translator. As can also be seen in the clip, the new set of operations also brings a victory animation, as well as a “KS79 Lifeline” device mask and “LMG-E, M762 and RG15” weapon skins.

In addition, as usual in the Elite Sets of the FPS game, there is a new amulet to decorate your weapons: an “Elite Zofia Chibi” amulet.
The new Zofia Elite Set is live to capture in-game right now, if you’re a fan of its new look. There’s no exact Rainbow Six Siege Steel Wave release date out yet, Rainbow Six Siege Steel Wave patch notes are out now so we can get a good feel for what’s in store when the launch arrives soon, including those two. Rainbow Six Siege new operators, Melusi and Ace.

Source : Pcgamesn

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