XCOM 2 Collection making its way to iOS next month

XCOM 2 Collection making its way to iOS next month

XCOM 2 Collection, Firaxis’ wonderful sci-fi strategy sequel XCOM 2 will be making the leap to iOS devices next month, with a release set for 5th November. XCOM 2 initially launched all the way back in 2016 and immediately drew praise for its thoughtful refinement of its predecessor’s heady blend of base building and alien-busting tactical turnbased action – itself a refinement of Julian Gollop’s seminal 90s X-COM series.

“Moment to moment, the thing that makes this astonishing game truly sing,” wrote Chris Bratt in his XCOM 2 review, “is the way in which it’s managed to respond to the bad habits we picked up last time around. Move faster, it urges. Take more risks. Become a more interesting player… XCOM 2 isn’t a reworking of the original game… it’s a genuine response to it.”

All of which is to say that XCOM 2 is a very good thing, and iOS player can discover for themselves when the XCOM 2 Collection arrives next month. It features the acclaimed War of the Chosen expansion, plus four DLC packs – Resistance Warrior Pack, Anarchy’s Children, Alien Hunters, and Shen’s Last Gift.

Feral Interactive, the developer responsible for the port, says it’ll support iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus, and any iPhone released since the iPhone X at launch, alongside all iPad Pros released since 2017, and all other iPads released since 2019. The XCOM 2 Collection will cost £23.99/$24.99 USD on iOS with no in-app purchases.

Source : eurogamer

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