Leak at First Glance On The Xbox Storefront App

Xbox Storefront App

Microsoft may be eagerly awaiting the next generation of consoles and the release of the Xbox Series X, but that doesn’t mean it is ignoring the present…

Today, a video has been leaked from the new Xbox Storefront App, called Mercury, which is slated to roll out in 2020. The storefront is likely to be used on all Xbox console platforms, from Xbox One to Xbox Series X.

Initially, several screenshots of the new Xbox Store app were leaked after it appeared in a list for Xbox Insiders. However, shortly after, a full video showing a full demo of the Xbox app was shared by the Russian Twitter account WinCommunity. The images can come from this beta version of Insider.

The biggest changes to the Xbox Storefront App seem to be visual in nature. The app looks cleaner and clearer, and perhaps most importantly, faster. The animations used for application transitions between pages and panels are very fast, or at least reflect a faster offset. If there are deeper changes in the Xbox Store app, Microsoft will have to share them as they are not immediately obvious. It’s unclear when the Xbox Store app will be officially announced or tested with a wider circle of Xbox Insiders. Expect more information in the coming months.

Source : Gamerant 

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