Xbox Game Pass Rebrands, Dropping ‘Xbox’ From Title

Xbox Game Pass Rebrands, Dropping ‘Xbox’ From Title

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Xbox Games Pass is moving on to a redesigned logo; one that notably drops “Xbox” from the name in a bid for a broader range. Microsoft is shaking things up as we ebb out of this generation including their stylization for their new flagship subscription service. In a new update on Twitter, it looks like Xbox has swapped the logo to something a bit less console-specific. Instead of “Xbox Game Pass,” the service logo now simply states “Game Pass.” And the move definitely leans in to Microsoft’s strategy for Xbox Series X.

Seen in the featured image above, Microsoft revealed the change in a new Tweet. Saying “Trying out a new look,” you can catch that the featured image is simply a green variant of the

new logo design:

However, it’s been more than 13 years since EA has done anything with the franchise. It’s impossible to say whether or not the series might generate interest if EA were to release a new game, but reception to Ice-T’s Tweet has been fairly positive, with a lot of fans voicing their love of the series.

The past few months have seen a number of older franchises given a second chance at life, including Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2, from Activision. That compilation title will feature updated takes on the original games, complete with modern likenesses for the skaters that appeared in the original games. If Def Jam were to receive a modern update, it would be interesting to see whether EA would go with a similar approach, or if the publisher would look to add some of rap’s current big names.

Okay, with this in mind… why? First off, it is clear that they aren’t dropping the Xbox branding signature X logo is to the left of “Game Pass,” making it less redundant. So don’t take this as a move of brand erasure from Microsoft.

More importantly, this is likely a move for Xbox to lean into the “Game Service” and ecosystem mantra that they seem to be heading in. While Xbox is still prevalent in the name, the new title and branding seems to pair better with the service on PC and coming to mobile devices via xCloud.

The Xbox Series X is planning to launch Holiday 2020. If you are looking to subscribe to the service

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