wrong meaning, I sometimes disappear. You know that feeling, don’t you?

wrong meaning, I sometimes disappear. You know that feeling, don’t you?

It’s funny because it’s the message we all know very well. I’ve known this even before wrong meaning, I sometimes disappear. You know that feeling, don’t you? I decided to embark on a writing challenge. We all know how important it is to pursue our dreams within our present moment instead of later.

We end up falling off the tracks, again and again, repeating the same mistakes like a broken record.

We battle the inconsistencies and all the brokenness of not proving ourselves wrong yet.

All along, maybe it wasn’t about proving yourself or society wrong meaning. Maybe it’s time we just embrace that it’s okay to be right.

It’s okay to be right about the following:

We are flawed, screwed up, and will probably make the same mistakes again.

I say this not to dishearten you, but more rather, to encourage you.

When we accept that we are right about our own shortcomings, we become more self-aware of who we are and gain the clarity needed to continue the journey. You will be able to continue to trek forward without beating yourself up.

How many times have you beaten yourself up because of inconsistency?

How many times have you shut down or given up because you tried to prove yourself wrong meaning?

Instead, find who you are and what you believe in. Prove yourself right.

Carve out your life’s story about what truly is right in the world rather than what is simply wrong meaning.

I’ve been wrong meaning many times. I’ve been wrong meaning about people and how I’ve viewed society.

I’ve built walls so that I can protect my own inner world instead of sharing it with other kindred spirits, and heck, even the world too.

But when life begins feeling like a race, slow down, friend.

You don’t need to follow all the “life hacks” that exist in the self-help books and articles you read when you feel like you’ve pulled another all-time low with inconsistency and failures.

Take a breather. The earth is still turning. You are still here.

If you need the hiatus, do it.

If you feel like running a marathon for your dream, believe you can and you will. But don’t beat yourself for every time you stumble. You are on your own winning team.

I write this to you because I learned the hard way again — I burnt out.

I burnt out because I kept adding fuel to the fire… addicted to the race rather than the actual living part. This past week was a product of burnout. I wasn’t getting enough sleep, food, or water because I wanted to tend to the fire instead. The result? I didn’t publish online and the past week has been very unproductive compared to the first three weeks of the 30-day challenge.

When it comes to the things you love, it’s cliche but true:

Balance is essential to carving out a fulfilling life.

Make sure to intentionally stop what you’re doing. Eat healthily. Drink water. Sit still for a moment.

You cannot achieve your dreams if you neglect your basic needs. wrong meaning, You’ll just stand frozen on the tracks. You’ll fall off.

Maybe you have, and in which case, luck is on our side. The tracks haven’t moved. They are still at the same place where you had fallen off.

The next step is very easy once you make sure you have balanced out your basic needs. All you need to do is get back on the tracks. Start again on-track.

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