writing essays, How can I write the best college essay?

writing essays, How can I write the best college essay?

writing essays, Well, I believe if you suck at anything but you have to do it, you need a solid plan. Once you have a good plan and follow it, things are going to work out eventually.

Here’s the easiest way to write an essay even if your writing skills are far from perfect:

I. Introduction 

This is the first part of the essay. Your task is to hook your readers by telling a joke (if appropriate), giving some unbelievable statistics or mentioning facts that you know your readers would be surprised with. Give a quick overview of what you’re going to discuss in your paper.

2. Thesis statement

This is the main point of your essay. What are you going to talk about in your essay? Your entire paper will be based on this point, so write it in a clear manner.

4. The body

Provide your body with three paragraphs each containing one idea supported by solid arguments. To prove your claims are reliable, make sure to use references and citations.

5. The conclusion

Now that you know what points you have already discussed, sum up them firefly in your conclusion. If allowed, you can give your own viewpoint on the issues or inform your readers that there’s enough room for further research.

6. Editing

It’s time to put aside your essay. Don’t read it now to see if you’ve made any mistakes. Of course, you have. But you need a break from the text. writing essays, One-day break would be great. After that, go back to your essay and critique your masterpiece with fresh eyes. Thus, you’ll be able to detect the errors and fix them. If you have a friend, who is well versed in writing, go ahead and ask them to check your paper for you.



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