Watch Devil May Cry’s Dante sell you fancy yogurt

Devil May Cry’s Dante

Watch Devil May Cry’s Dante sell you fancy yogurt, Yes, you read that correctly – Dante is apparently mad for fancy Greek yogurt. The original Dante, that is. The commercial in question is actually a few years old, but it recently resurfaced over on ResetEra, where gamers are congregating to discuss all things Dante and dairy as we speak. I, too, am now in the mood for some yogurt. Check out Devil May Cry’s new fermented milk shill below.

About The News: 

Watch Devil May Cry’s Dante sell you fancy yogurt,  “Simplicity tastes better,” says Dante, or as some people know him, Drew Coombs. If you actually watch the commercial, which is only 15 seconds long, you’ll see that it’s pretty wild. It features a guy diving into a lake next to some sort of milk splash.

“I really want to see Drew Coombs come back as Dante one day,” writes a poster on ResetEra. “Maybe if Kamiya does that DMC x Bayonetta game he’s always quasi-joking about.”

“Until then, I’ll have to stick to Drew’s yogurt smooth baritone on YouTube. I wonder where I’ll hear him next. Maybe in a pea soup commercial. We know a remote farm in Lincolnshire,  I can’t imagine many other voices as a young Dante in DMC3. And he did a good job as an older, aloof more world-weary Dante in DMC 5 as well. His ninja turtle uncle Dante in DMC4 is alright too.”

“I’ve always appreciated Reuben Langdon’s performance as Dante,” they write. “He’s done a great deal for the character and the franchise. He was on GameFAQs prior to DMC3 coming out and took feedback about Dante’s character and performance.”

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