Warface: Breakout Now Available on PS4 and Xbox One

Warface Breakout

Warface: Breakout, developed by Russian developer MY.GAMES, has launched today for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4…

Set in the Warface franchise that first appeared in 2013, Warface: Breakout is an independent spin-off that expands on the original game with a strong focus on Counter-Strike-inspired multiplayer battles, resource management and the combat focused on the game of weapons. The gameplay consists of classic “search and destroy” games in which two opposing teams of five people must place or deactivate a bomb.

Now available on PC and Nintendo Switch, the console versions of Warface: Breakout feature enhanced controls optimized for gamepads and controllers. The game will launch with five different maps, over 30 weapons, and a range of customization options. More maps will be added after launch, as well as seasonal content updates with new challenges and cosmetic rewards with limited time.

Warface Breakout
Unlike Warface, which is free, the standard edition of Warface: Breakout can be purchased digitally for $ 19.99, and for $ 29.99 players can get the deluxe edition that includes exclusive cosmetic items like skins, player badges, and avatars. MY.GAMES has emphasized that in-game purchases will be cosmetic only and will not offer gameplay perks to players.

Source : Gamerant 

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