WARCRAFT Director DUNCAN JONES is writing fan text for LUCASARTS

WARCRAFT Director DUNCAN JONES is writing fan text for LUCASARTS

WARCRAFT Director, Warcraft director Duncan Jones has written a fan text based on the classic LucasArts adventure game Full Throttle during the COVID-19 pandemic, The 94-page fan text contains many familiar names for anyone who has played through Full Throttle or their replay device, and it appeared during periods when Duncan Jones had difficulty focusing

A fan of Full Throttle, Jones was inspired to write the script after seeing Tim Schafer share a short fan-made video showing the adventure game reimagined for 2020. You can read everything yourself on Dropbox and it’s worth it a lot if you’re also a fan of the game or you just enjoy the action, the comics, and a certain degree of randomness. “I really hoped this year was better than last year, but I didn’t expect ManMadeMoon to automatically produce a full script for Full Throttle!” Tim Schaeffer said while retweeting Jones’ text.

All that remains is for the studio to capture it and turn it into a real movie. While Full Throttle is, perhaps, more specialized than Hitman, Warcraft, or Borderlands, it will definitely be interesting to watch an adaptation of the big screen. Duncan Jones is currently working as a director on the Rogue Trooper who says he’s “in good shape” and “waiting for Covid to make shooting planning safe.”

Although Full Throttle may not make its way to the big screen in the near future, its switch is ready to take you on a (more refined) journey down memory lane. WARCRAFT Director, Stay up-to-date with the latest PC gaming news by following GameWatcher on Twitter, checking our videos on YouTube, liking us on Facebook, and joining us on Discord.

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