Vikings come to Dying Light and it’s time to celebrate the Lunar New Year

Vikings come to Dying Light and it’s time to celebrate the Lunar New Year

Vikings come to Dying Light, Techland announces the arrival of two missing Vikings into the world of Dying Light after a catastrophic mistake happened in their search for Asgard. These two violent rampages are now available to buy from the online store. The start of the Lunar event has also been announced where players can join the celebrations of the Year of the Taurus. There are some new trailers below featuring new content.

With Viking: Raiders of Harran Bundle, players can become a true Vikings warrior with two new characters – Björn the Warrior and Björn the Berserker. Vikings come to Dying Light, Players who prove themselves worthy will be equipped with lethal weapons forged in a faraway land and specially designed to kill zombies. These new weapons include the Heavy Ragnarok Ax, Left One-handed Sword, and Viking Shield Asgard. Each piece of equipment comes in two variants, one with fire damage and a standard variant.

This new package also includes two new buggy skins from Berserker – Reinen and Fiery Reinen. These skins are inspired by the Scandinavian longboats that roam the unknown land of Harran.

Players can also participate in Chinese New Year celebrations with the in-game lunar new event. This event will introduce a new weapon to help rid the world of zombies, these are the Gold Dao Sword and King Mods. Players will also receive the free Ox Warrior Pack, which includes the Ox Cannon Weapon and the Ox Warrior Character Skin.

The free Viking: Raiders of Harran Bundle and the free Ox Warrior Bundle are now available from the in-game store on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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