VALORANT VS CSGO, Riot Games upcoming competitive FPS Valorant is receiving so much attention lately. With the closed beta coming soon, many are trying to get their hands on beta keys by watching Twitch streams. Many have christened Valorant the new CSGO, a “CSGO killer,” or a blend between Counter-Strike and Overwatch. But how similar are the babies of Riot Games and Valve?


There are indeed striking similarities in gameplay between Counter-Strike and Valorant. matches are played out in a 5v5 format with attackers having to plant the bomb (called spike) on one of the three sites on the map or eliminate the defenders. There is a buy phase for each side to purchase abilities and guns for the upcoming round. Saves are something that will probably be popular in Valorant, as they are in CSGO.


The shooting mechanic is identical to that of CSGO. Each gun has a spray pattern that can be mastered with enough practice. A player’s accuracy decreases when firing while moving, forcing players to peek, stop, and then fire their shot to be fully accurate. Additionally, players run faster with their knife out or guns of lower weight. Player movement is quite slow, making the gameplay rather slow-paced and more tactical.

All in all, the gameplay of Valorant and CSGO is very similar. CSGO veterans may even have an advantage in getting into Riot Games’ new FPS.


Abilities and characters

These characters have their own set of abilities complemented by an ultimate ability that needs to be charged over time. They are analogous with utilities in Counter-Strike.

Some of them act as flashbangs, smoke grenades, and Molotovs, while others don’t have anything to do with CS. Casting poison clouds, healing, and teleporting are some of such abilities. Nevertheless, characters and abilities in Valorant are an aspect that differs considerably from CSGO.

Guns and shields

Weaponry available for purchase in Valorant bares a close resemblance to weapons found in Valve’s shooter. There are six different categories of weapons: sidearm, SMGs, rifles, shotguns, snipers, and heavy. When looking at the weapons in the sidearm category, for instance, the “Frenzy” is nearly identical to the CZ-75, while the “Sheriff” is a one-shot-headshot Desert Eagle in Counter-Strike. The “Operator” sniper seems to be a younger brother of the AWP.

While similar, the choice of guns is much smaller than in CSGO. It will be interesting to see if there will be a clear-cut gun meta in Valorant. Shields act as CS‘s Kevlar.While not entirely identical, it is still similar.

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