Riot Games Teases New Valorant Agent “Reyna is here”

Valorant Agent

Riot Games has been taunting the new Agent to launch when the full Valorant game is online. However, fans are noticing an unusual detail that Valorant’s Latin American…

Valorant has received a lot of publicity during its full launch on June 2. While fans are excited about the new Valorant map and the gameplay Riot Games has announced, one thing that catches their eye is the new Agent that Riot Games has been unveiling piece by piece.

A lot of new information came out on Twitter today that can give fans a sneak peek at who this character really is.
The first appearance of the new Valorant agent came in some official art that Riot sent out along with details about the beta player count, as noted by our sister site, The Loadout. Soon after, a new preview of Valorant’s Brazilian social media channels offered another look at the character never seen before.

My university Spanish left me a long time ago, but Reyna, or Reina, as the most modern Spanish spellings would translate, translates to Queen. It could be a name or a nickname for the agent, but his strong promotion on Valorant’s Brazilian and Latin American social media certainly offers some clues about his culture.

As for how the character will actually play, there have been no official clues so far. However, leaked voice lines about a character named “Sabine” have suggested that someone with vampiric powers will come.

However, this information confuses some fans of the series, as players previously thought that the new Valiant Agent would be named Sabine and would have vampiric abilities due to leaked voice clips from the game. This may be the result of Riot’s intention to include 12 characters in his initial plans for the release of Valorant, so it is possible that if Sabine is not the name of the new Agent, she may be the 12th Agent that Riot had the Original intention for the full launch of the game.

Source : Gamerant , Pcgamesn 

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