Valorant will get six new agents a year, as Riot teases agent 12

 Riot teases agent 12

Now that Valorant is out, we ask the question we must ask of all multiplayer games: what’s next? A new Riot development journal is here in response, with a breakdown of how the episode and gameplay are structured and how the new content will be implemented…

The short, front-line version is that the developers plan to release a new Valorant agent every two months, for a total of six new characters each year. The valuable content will be released in episodes, lasting approximately six months each. Each episode will be divided into three acts of two months each. A new agent will be released along with each act.

Battle passes will be linked in a similar way to acts, and masks will come “every week or two” while it lasts. Some additional content will come during the acts, but in the new biannual releases of new episodes it will be where we see things like new maps or important new features of the game.

A new game mode is likely to occur before the start of Episode 2. Riot has sped up plans for additional modes as a result of initial feedback from players, but the developers are still unsure whether the modes will generally join the acts. or episodes: and in general, the study warns that all these plans are objectives that could change depending on comments or programming problems.

There’s also a small, small provocation from Valorant’s twelfth agent: a silhouette along with the Act 2 schedule at 1:42 in the video below from executive producer Anna Donlon.

Source : Pcgamesn

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