Valhalla Rings In Yule With Feasts, Drunken Brawls

Valhalla Rings In Yule With Feasts, Drunken Brawls

Valhalla Rings is getting its first drop of seasonal content, and it’s near the holidays, it’s festive. Yule Season introduces new limited-time activities, as detailed in the Assassin’s Creed blog.

For starters, you can expand your settlement and build a Reveller’s Cottage that will host various festivals throughout the year. The first of its kind is the Yule Festival, which will run until January 7th. During the festivities, Ravensthorpe will be snowier than usual, and you can participate in activities like archery challenges and drunk brawls. Just like holidays with the family!

Completing these activities will earn you Yule Tokens that you can redeem for rewards in the Festival Shop. These include cosmetic items like tree decorations and a cozy fire pit, as well as a full set of Mōdraniht equipment: ceremonial outfit, tattoo kit, seax, and shield. Valhalla Rings, Keep in mind that you can only claim these bonuses during the Yule Festival, so make sure you get them before they go.

Ubisoft also previewed the next big content drop in February with the River Raid update. The new River Raid mode will include three new maps that offer lots of gear, silver, and upgrades. You will also be able to build a new Jomsviking Hall in your settlement so you can recruit more Jomsvikings for your raids.

Source: gamespot 

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