This Stardew Valley mod lets you sit to restore stamina

This Stardew Valley mod lets you sit to restore stamina

This Stardew Valley mod, There are a lot of big new features in Stardew Valley 1.5 update, but are they the biggest of them ever? Sitting. Okay, okay, maybe that’s not as big as the new endgame zone and all, but being able to sit in chairs provides a great place to role-play – if not much. However, one of the modifications aims to make relaxation a little more, that is, relaxation.

Sit for Stamina is a simple little tweak that, as the name suggests, lets you sit down for stamina. So while you rest on a bench or chair, you will be negatively rejuvenating. The mod is customizable via the configuration file, so you can decide exactly how much renewal you get. You can either turn it into game-breaking cheats with an endless streak of stamina, or a smaller push whenever you take a break.

You can get Sit for Stamina on Nexus Mods, courtesy of Entoarox. Just sit back, relax, and watch the stamina. Elsewhere in the world of Stardew Valley mod, Ridgeside Village is here to add another whole new set of content to the game, and the cooking mod aims to ensure your chances of becoming a good chef.

Source: pcgamesn 

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