The Waylanders will get updates every two weeks during early access

The Waylanders will get updates every two weeks during early access

The Waylanders

When I reviewed one of the early versions of The Waylanders, a successor to Dragon Age: Origins that weaves Celtic folklore with fantasy RPGs, I was impressed by its clear promise…

Gato Studio has released an early access roadmap that sets the pace for game updates and gives us an idea of ​​what to expect in the coming months of early access.

Gato Studio will update the early access version of The Waylanders every two weeks while in early access, and plans to release the full game sometime during the first quarter of 2021. The new roadmap (which you can see below) details the Next two months of updates, which will alternate between additional content and a polished game.

In the first July update, gamers can expect to see a major bug fix patch that also includes game audio enhancements, cinematic fixes, and the implementation of the Steam swap card. The following is a content drop, which will add new partners and new loyalty search information.

Until August, we’ll see additional story content added and additional bug fix passes that intensify combat and user experience and add a crafting system.

It’s not scheduled yet, but there are new features on the roadmap, including romance stories, more story missions, more side missions, new areas to explore, advanced classes, support for more languages, and more.

Source : Pcgamesn 

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