The Messenger presents its story to Xbox One next week

The Messenger

Publisher Devolver Digital and developer Sabotage Studio will launch The Messenger for Xbox One on June 25, a list confirmed by the Microsoft Store. Messenger was first released for Switch and PC via Steam in August 2018, followed by PlayStation 4 in March 2019…

A pretty good combination of retro Metroidvania platforms, any fan of NES games and Genesis would do well in Select This.  If you’re just learning about this for the first time (where has it been the last two years?), The Messenger is currently available for PC, Switch, and PS4. In fact, the PC version is part of Xbox Game Pass for PC. There’s a chance this next Xbox One port is in Game Pass as well, which would be great.

In my own time with the game, I fell in love with its opening act and was pretty committed to the middle ground. It starts to lose strength at that point, but the game is not too long. It can 100% in about 10 hours and has a stellar soundtrack, so it’s not like you’re wasting time.

The Messenger

Not the best, but more retro goodness is not something to complain about. It even offers additional achievements for the PC port, so if the player score is your thing, The Messenger has you covered.

What’s more surprising is that it took the game almost two years to reach the Microsoft console. I’m not even sure why it launched as exclusive PC and Switch, but at least gamers on any device can experience this little gem. Inspiration for Ninja Gaiden and Strider should make selling to retro-style enthusiasts easy.

I’m excited because I can keep talking about The Messenger in 2020. You really shouldn’t sleep on this, Xbox One gamers. It is one of the best independent games of the last decade and deserves a place in your library.

Source : thegamer

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