The King of Fighters XV finally gets its reveal trailer

The King of Fighters XV finally gets its reveal trailer

The King of Fighters XV, SNK has released the official trailer to reveal the upcoming King of Fighters XV as part of its postponed video premieres earlier this week, giving us our first glimpse into the latest entry in the veteran series.

Creative Director Eisuke Ogura also gave us more details during the digital presentation about what we can expect from the game, saying, “We focus on preserving the series’ core element of speed while adding elements to make it more exciting.” Ogura also revealed that the studio is on stage. They focus on “improving features and improving the game”.

Although the platforms have yet to be confirmed, Ogura revealed that the team was on track to make the game ready for shipment this year and added that another new trailer for the game would be released next week, and after that, a short animated show. Directed by Fatal Fury: Film director Masami Obari will reveal the game’s theme song.

Finally, SNK also mentioned during the broadcast that they will release a new version of the previous title in the series which will include all of the DLC in the King of Fighters XIV Ultimate Edition on PlayStation 4, which is now available in Europe and on January 20 in North America. The trailer for that plus the King of Fighters XV clip below.

Source: videogamer

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