The Chances Of Seeing Desperados III On Switch Aren’t Good

The Chances Of Seeing Desperados III On Switch Aren’t Good

The Chances Of Seeing, We’ve seen some amazing ports on the Switch, the latest one being the exceptionally good DOOM Eternal. While we know the Nintendo console isn’t as powerful as the latest generation devices from Sony and Microsoft, it’s clear that in the right hands, it can still host some great titles.

However, not every game is scheduled to come to the Switch, and Desperados III – currently available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC – The Chances Of Seeing, appears to be one of those games. Mimimi Games Head of Design Moritz Wagner was recently questioned about the Switch port’s capabilities.

So we love the Switch too, especially our Boss – he’s a huge fan. I don’t think it will work. We have been trying this for quite some time. It is something that always appears again. Sometimes THQ is like, “Well, we can get these guys to look at it. Maybe they can do an outlet.”

The thing is, the game is very demanding – especially the CPU, which is a huge problem for regular consoles that actually run this game. You might not believe it sometimes, because it’s not Red Dead or something like that, right?

… I don’t think this will happen. Hope that will happen at some point. We always re-evaluate it if something new comes out, but the game isn’t really running. Maybe there’s a new version of the Switch a little more powerful – it’s something we can look at again. Not quite sure if they are currently looking forward to something, but unfortunately not in the near future.

Have you been hoping to see Desperados III on the Switch?

Source: nintendolife

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