Tell Me Why Early Clip Shows Main Characters Reuniting After Ten Years

Tell Me Why

Last year, we received the announcement that Dontnod, the studio that the Life is Strange series largely put on the map, would be joining Microsoft for a new episodic series, Tell Me Why…

The game will follow the twins as they unravel their past with shared memories where they have to decide which memory of past events to trust. Now, we see the beginning of that journey with a new clip.

The official Twitter released a clip near the start of the games. It features Alyson searching for her brother, Tyler, in a somewhat awkward scene when the two try to reconnect after ten years apart. While the game has yet to reveal supernatural aspects like the Life is Strange series, you can see the DNA here in both the look, the music, and the system of choice.

There’s no word yet on when Tell Me Why will be released, but it’s still slated for this year for Xbox One and PC, promising that the gaps between episodes won’t be too long.

Source : gamingbolt

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