Surgeon Simulator 2 is out at the end of August

Surgeon Simulator 2 is out at the end of August

Bossa Studios announced today that Surgeon Simulator 2, the game that grew from a one-joke novelty into an entire platform, will launch on the Epic Games Store on August 27.

The studio also dropped a new trailer showcasing the game’s Bossa Labs Creation Mode, which will enable players to create and share all-new levels and experiences. As you’d imagine, comically imprecise controls and physics-based surgery still appear to be at the heart of developer Bossa Studios’ sequel, but everything around that familiar core has been significantly expanded for this second outing.

There’s co-op support for up to four players, for starters, and the new Story Mode promises considerably more elaborate puzzle-based gameplay away from the operating table, as participants explore a massive medical facility.

The tools look and sound very impressive: Andy K spent an hour playing a preview version of Surgeon Simulator 2 in June, and noted that the creation tools included with the game are the same ones Bossa used to design its levels.

The original Surgeon Simulator took a rather flippant approach to the idea of medical accuracy, and that sense of macabre but cartoonish humour seems to be present in the sequel – everything looks a bit like a Tim Burton-inspired kids’ show, and the madcap physics of the original have been extended to fill the larger-than-life world your operations will take place within.

“Bossa reckons its creation tools are powerful enough that players will be able to create whole new games with it,” he wrote. “I can only imagine what people will do with these tools once the game is released.”

There’s a closer look at the possibilities Creation Mode affords – including player-built surgical challenges, dancehalls, and bowling alleys – in the new trailer above.

Surgeon Simulator 2 will cost £19.99/$24.99 when it comes to the Epic Games Store on August 27th. That includes the base game, the Mad Scientist cosmetic set, and access to the closed beta, which runs from 7th-9th August.

Source : Pcgamesn , Pcgamer , Eurogamer 

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