Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s Latest DLC Fighter and Update Are Live

Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s Latest DLC Fighter and Update Are Live

Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s Latest DLC

Nintendo has officially released version 8.0.0 for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In the update, players will find a handful of balance updates and fighter adjustments…

In more exciting news, the game’s latest DLC fighter, Min Min, is out now, as are a number of new Mii Fighter skins. Min Min originally appeared in the Nintendo Switch ARMS title, and was officially announced for the game last week. Min Min will feature a number of the same abilities she has in her debut appearance, which should set her apart from the rest of the Ultimate playable characters! Now fans can see for themselves what she brings to the game.

Like other DLC fighters, the Min Min addition also gives players access to a whole new stage, as well as music tracks from the character’s original series. In the case of Min Min, 18 new ARMS tracks have been added, and players can customize how often those songs appear on stage. Min Min initially appeared in Ultimate as a Spirit, which has generated a lot of speculation from the game’s fan community. Initially, fans believed that spirits were not eligible as playable characters in the game, but Min Min proved that this is not the case!

Min Min is the sixth DLC fighter added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and the first in Fighters Pass Vol. 2. Five other DLC fighters will be added to the game’s roster, although Nintendo and director Masahiro Sakurai have indicated that the offers will be They will separate a little more than they have been in the past. Right now, the company still has its lips shut on which fighters might appear next, though Geno, Crash Bandicoot, and Sora are some of the most requested characters for the game.

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