Suikoden Spiritual Successor Eiyuden Chronicle Needs $1 Million

Suikoden Spiritual Successor Eiyuden Chronicle Needs $1 Million

Suikoden Spiritual Successor

With Konami showing no signs of releasing Suikoden from purgatory, Suikoden Spiritual Successor, some of the original development team have banded together to create their own JRPG with 100 recruitable characters and the other trappings of the classic series. The Kickstarter for Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes launched on Monday and was almost immediately completely funded.

Eiyuden Chronicle will see you exploring the continent of Allraan, apparently a diverse land that’s been “shaped by the alliances and aggressions of the humans, beastmen, elves and desert people who live there.” One nation, the Galdean Empire, has grown more powerful than its neighbours thanks to its discovery of magic-amplifying tech, and now it’s on the hunt for an artefact to enhance its power even more.

Beyond that, Rabbit & Bear wants to bring the game to consoles, specifically naming the PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X as the platforms it’s planning to port Eiyuden Chronicle to. In order for that to happen, though, the Kickstarter campaign must first raise $1 million, as the console ports are locked behind that stretch goal.


Murayama and company pitched Eiyuden Chronicle as a celebration of classic JRPGs. Like 2018’s Octopath Traveler, the game will feature detailed sprites characters against three-dimensional backdrops. It will also include classic turn-based combat and “cats as far as the eye can see.”

High-flying projects like Eiyuden Chronicle used to be a more frequent sight on Kickstarter, but fewer studios have turned to crowdfunding in recent years. Part of that is that stretch goals make feature creep an inevitability. Debacles like Project Phoenix have also put some people off of investing in games that may never materialize. Still, ever so often projects like Eiyuden Chronicle and Homeworld 3 will come along raise a lot of money in a short amount of time.

However, in an attempt at transparency with backers, the studio stressed that it might not be able to guarantee ports for all of the listed platforms even if the goal is met. In particular, it mentioned the challenge of trying to downscale a game on a similar scale to the Suikoden games for lower-spec consoles like the Switch. Whether that means a Switch port is less likely than, say, a PS5 one will ultimately depend on how much money the campaign receives.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is tentatively slated to launch in October 2022 for PC, with plans for ports on PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Source : Gamerant , Pcgamer , Engadget 

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