stronger meaning in english, Girls can’t be athletic. In fact …

stronger meaning in english, Girls can’t be athletic. In fact …

Imagine you’re a young girl. stronger meaning in English, Ever since you were old enough to understand, here’s what you’ve learned:

Girls can’t be athletic. In fact, it’s an insult to tell any boy that he throws like a girl.

Girls cry, and that’s a bad thing. Because if a boy cries, he’s told he’s crying like a little girl and he’d better Stop. Right. Now.

It’s a bad thing to wear anything like girls’ clothing. If a boy wears something pastel colored or with a flowery pattern, someone will tell him that his clothing is girly. And that’s very bad.

Men are braver and stronger meaning in English than women. Anyone who seems weak is told to man up. You have to take it like a man.

s you enter high school, you learn more:

Just the possession of male genitalia makes someone stronger meaning in English. You can even hear grown women told to grow a pair or be taunted, “You don’t have the balls.”

It’s even worse to have female genitalia. There’s not much worse than being called a cunt or a pussy.

Let me repeat that: there’s not much worse than being called a cunt or a pussy.

There are even special derogatory words that are used to describe women. When have you ever heard a man called “shrill,” “feisty,” or “bossy?”

You learn that you must be trim and beautiful. But if you take pains to dress well, wear makeup, do your hair, or even wear high heels, you will be subject to catcalls and inappropriate remarks from strangers. You may even be called a slut by other girls.

You learn that your body is just something to be ogled. On their web pages, radio stations feature the scantily-clad babe of the day. But there’s no nearly-naked hunk of the day on those web pages.

You learn that your body is not something to be respected. You’d better be careful. You have to learn how to be safe from assault, but men do not have to learn that they’re not supposed to assault you. And that if you blow the whistle on inappropriate touching you may suffer retaliation. If you are raped, your allegations are likely to be doubted, as politicians prattle on about “legitimate rape” and the public asks, “But what was she wearing?

But watch TV and you’ll see how women are supposed to look. On Dancing With the Stars, you’ll see that women are expected to bare their bodies, stronger meaning in English, while men wear long sleeves and long pants. You’ll see professional women portrayed as hot babes wearing stiletto heels and flashing their cleavage at work.

So what are you to think? You think that you are not as good as a boy.

No, you know you are not as good as a boy.

Nobody has told you this. In fact, some may have explicitly told you that you are just as good as any boy. But simply through exposure to American culture, you have learned that boys are better and more important.

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