Snolf traps Sonic in a fan-made golfing nightmare

Snolf traps Sonic in a fan-made golfing nightmare

Snolf traps Sonic has always had a tough journey when it comes to moving to 3D. Snolf traps Sonic, But while Sega itself has picked up many different styles, worn out and abandoned many different styles over the years, one fan game may have cracked it by turning its blue camouflage into a spiky little golf ball.

Using the Doom-engine popular with Doom-engine fan Sonic Robo Blast 2, Snolf RB2 Oakreef’s creator altered a multi-layered casual platform stages to create a high speed mini golf course.

It should come as no surprise that Sonic levels are suitable for good golf courses, mind. With time-tested controls for power and accuracy rails, the platform’s limits and risks easily translate into mini golf, with the ultimate science making a natural hole.

It might not result in the publisher picking the team for an official golf hedgehog game Sim a la Sonic Mania, but it’s still a nice peek at where the most creative courses on Sonic come from. Just, get it wrong, don’t go play a game of realistic king with hedgehogs. This is animal cruelty.

Source : pcgamer

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