Silicon Valley admit about technology and progress

Silicon Valley admit about technology and progress

Silicon Valley, That 87% of the Startups are unnecessary and don’t solve a real problem.

Silicon Valley produced some great companies and a legacy for ages.
Without Silicon Valley/Bay Area there probably would be no HP, Apple, Google, Uber, Dropbox etc.

I accept that.

What I don’t accept though, are start-ups like Juicer:

Some Startups are just stupid AF.

Let me break this down for you:

Profession: Juicer

Costs: $700 (later $400)

Additional costs: $7 per package of juice = 1 glass.

(we got these babies on lock with NFC baby, so you gotta pay for the original packages)

Specialties: 15-minute setup manual – app for your phone.


Did y’all forget, what a juicer is about ?!
Hint: It’s about making juice. People have been doing this for centuries just fine – even without an app

There are people really surprised, that this startup failed. Like what?

Even Google invested in this burning pile of composted apples! Investors put $120 Million USD into this. No, no, I don’t think you understand, that is:$120,000,000.00.

This startup shut down recently, after a few people discovered, that all you need to press juice is … your hands. Yeah, well. Next time, call me. I’ll give you that information for way less than $120 Million.

I don’t want to bash startups here and pick on people. Silicon Valley, I appreciate everything startups are doing for us. They’re important, they (sometimes) innovate faster than big companies and so on.

But honestly, this thoughtless technologization craze has to stop.

This is SMALT – A smart salt shaker

No, my salt shaker does not need Bluetooth and a bad, low tier sound box integrated. All it needs to do is give me the salt, when I need it to. No, I still won’t buy it even if you call it smalt. There is nothing smart about s(m)alt, my dude.

No, my salt shaker does not need Alexa.

Do you know what’s the best part of this thing? If I don’t charge it, I can’t get any salt. genius!



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