Silent Hill Social Media Account Prompts New Series

Silent Hill Social Media Account Prompts New Series

Silent Hill Social Media

Silent Hill revival rumours refuse to die, after a relatively new social media account has reignited hopes that the survival horror franchise is poised to make a return. You may recall there were strong rumours earlier in the year that Sony was plotting a new entry in the property for the PlayStation 5, with development being led by Japan Studio, but the speculation never really panned out.

That said, there had been lingering hope that an announcement may be made during a rumoured State of Play in August, which will purportedly take place any day now. A new Twitter page named Silent Hill Official has poured fuel on that fire, as it’s only been posting since the beginning of July. While there’s some debate over its authenticity, it was mentioned by the official Konami account recently.

“To the talk about a remake or new entry and such, I’ve heard from pretty much every person who may have knowledge on the title that this is a soft reboot, which as many say lot of the series is anyways but they’re going a bit further with it this time”, the insider wrote. “At the moment in development they’re thinking of just calling the game, “Silent Hill”, it won’t have any numbers or anything and be made so it can easily be a person’s first entry in the series. It’s not a remake and it doesn’t erase past games but none of that is important really to this game.”

Unfortunately, there was no mention of a new Silent Hill at all. Fast forward two months, however, and there appears to be some sort of official activity surrounding Silent Hill. As confirmed by publisher Konami some days ago, the recently-created Silent Hill Twitter Account is the real deal.


In fact, after tweeting about the brand’s recent Dead by Daylight crossover, the Japanese publisher told fans the following: “We are sorry we got people fired up. Anything official would come first from SilentHill or an event or something, not from us.” An event like State of Play, mayhaps? We’re still not quite buying into these rumours, but you know what they say: there’s no blood without Pyrami or something like that anyway!

Source : pushsquare , wccftech

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