Shiny Zeraora Now Available in Pokemon Home

Shiny Zeraora Now Available in Pokemon Home

Shiny Zeraora Now Available

Pokemon Home users can now get a shiny version of Zeraora, provided they have deposited a Pokemon Sword and Shield into the game in the past few weeks..

Earlier this month, the Pokemon Company added Zeraora to the Pokemon Sword and Shield as a Pokemon that could be fought in Max Raid Battles. Unlike regular Pokemon, players would not be able to capture Zeraora if they completed the Max Raid Battle, but the Pokemon Company noted that it would distribute a Shining variant of Zeraora through Pokemon Home if players beat Zeraora at least 1,000,000 times. Players accomplished this goal (defeating Zeraora more than 2,000,000 times during Zeraora’s tenure in the game), so fans can now add Shiny Zeraora to their collection.

Grabbing Zeraora is simple. Players must have transferred a Pokemon from Pokemon Sword and Shield between June 17 and July 6. Once those criteria are met, they can open Pokemon Home on their mobile device and tap the menu button, which should have a red exclamation mark next to it. From there, they can touch Mystery Gifts, then touch Gift Box, and finally touch the message “Victory Over Zeraora”. Players can press Receive to add Zeraora to their collection. Shiny Zeraora can be transferred to and from Pokémon Sword and Shield at will.

Players can also earn 8 pieces of armor ore as an additional reward. The code can be obtained from Pokemon Home and then used in the Pokemon Sword and Shield “Mystery Gift” menu. Armor Ore can be used to teach new moves to Pokémon or get more watts through Digging Pa.

Source : comicbook

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