Shadow Warrior dev is teasing new project reveal

Shadow Warrior dev is teasing new project reveal

Shadow Warrior developer Flying

Wild Hog has shared some exciting news. On the game’s official Twitter account, the developer posted a message saying that he is working on the progress of his next project.

“Advance of the filming of the advance in progress. Silence please! “Lee. Although the team has kept the account pretty active over the years, this is their biggest news in a long time, and it’s a good indication that they’re finally ready to talk about their next game.”

Your guess is as good as ours, but the lighting tone makes it look like a sequel to Shadow Warrior. However, the timing of this tweet is curious. Flying Wild Hog only worked with publisher Devolver Digital and its sister label Good Shepherd.

Since Devolver’s E3-style show is slated for next weekend, we are inclined to believe that the studio’s next game will be among the revelations.

Shadow Warrior 2 was released in 2016 for PC, and then it came to PS4 and Xbox One. It was as well-received as its predecessor, but received some criticism for relying too heavily on loot and RNG-based mechanics. However, both games offer compelling first-person action and a fun story.

Source : VG24/7

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