Shadow Empire the best 4X game you haven’t heard of, Steam in Dec

Shadow Empire the best 4X game you haven’t heard of, Steam in Dec

Shadow Empire, Good news, strategy fans: One of the most exciting games of the year is coming to Steam in the near future. It’s Shadow Empire, a great mix of 4X, war games, and RPG games, and it will arrive on Steam on December 3.

Shadow Empire is already on our list of the best 4X games to play this year, and it’s well worth checking out – especially if you have fond memories of classics like Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri. It might sound like a return to the 1990s with its crunchy DOS-style graphics, but Shadow has something for everyone: There’s a complex combat system pulled from maneuvers, strategic resource management and exploration of 4X games, and even the class character development you’d expect to find in Crusader Kings III. It even draws from Dwarf Fortress in the demonically detailed global generation process at the start of each game.

Since its launch earlier this year, Shadow Empire has only been available from the Matrix Games store. What’s great about this arrangement, however, is that if you purchased the game directly, you would also receive a Steam key when the Steam version becomes available.

The launch of Shadow Empire on Steam comes alongside a major game update that adds Air Force One to the post-apocalyptic world. You will need to consider the characteristics of your planet when you start building an air force, keep in mind, planets can have high or low relative gravity, or they may operate on a planet that has no atmosphere. All of these factors will understand how important air combat is to your game, and how you will play when it occurs.

Owners of both the Matrix Edition and the new Shadow Empire Steam Edition will receive this patch when the game arrives on Steam on December 3.

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