Serious Sam 4 Will Let You Pilot The Pope’s Personal Mech

Serious Sam 4 Will Let You Pilot The Pope’s Personal Mech

Serious Sam, The Serious Sam franchise is set to make a triumphant return this September and it looks like the new game will be utilizing new features to add to the insanity of the shooter game. The latest tease for Serious Sam 4 has unveiled a look at a new type of mech that players will have access to, which is sure to bring plenty of carnage.

Serious Sam 4 is intended to be a canon prequel to the previous Serious Sam games, telling the story of evil villain Mental’s first attacks as well as revealing some more about Sam’s origins. Unfortunately, Serious Sam 4 was recently hit with delays thanks to coronavirus and has been pushed back to a release date of September 24. Console players will also have to wait a while longer with the game releasing only on PC and Stadia initially, with a console release window set for 2021.

“It’s easy!” she obliges. “Go around the Castillo” this would be Rome’s Sant’Angelo Castle, located on the north bank of the Tiber River “and go around through the park. Go straight ahead, and there you can find Papa Mobile.” Her directions are, weirdly, accurate that’s actually how you’d get to the Vatican in the real Rome.


the version of the popemobile in Serious Sam 4 has had some upgrades. It’s a Pope Gundam, made for some kind of papal MechWarrior. A Battle Pope, bristling with guns and decked out in gold and purple stripes that look a bit like Lenten vestments.

“It’s the new papamobile,” the woman explains, chuckling as Sam grumbles about popemobiles not really being his style. “Il Papa had it made special. You’ll see It’s good!”

Most of what I’ve seen of Serious Sam 4 so far has been fairly low-key so while the joke of a Papal mech doesn’t tickle my funny bone, I am up into how big and loud and stompy and meaty all this is. Circle-strafing around arenas is nice and all but I most fondly remember The game for spectacle. The scene in this trailer with fleshy motherships in a sky filling with fighters is good spectacle too.

Publishers Devolver Digital say other vehicles Sam will pootle around on include a motorbike, a quad bike, and a combine harvester. Ooh-ar ooh-ar indeed. Serious Sam 4 is due to launch on Steam and GOG on the 24th of September, having recently been delayed a touch. Also Stadia?

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