Serious Sam 4 Gets New Gameplay and update information

Serious Sam 4 Gets New Gameplay and update information

A new trailer for Serious Sam 4 revealed during Devolver Direct shows a butcher-filled gameplay from the franchise’s new prequel…

Devolver admits he kinda blew up his load prematurely with information from Serious Sam 4. It will hit Steam and Stadia, and it will arrive in August. But, there is a new trailer and maybe that will make your adrenaline pump and your blood flow. Just look at all the things that can kill you and all the things that you can kill. Serious Sam is not the most sophisticated of formulas.

Nostalgic fans have something to look forward to when Serious Sam returns for his next sequel in August. A new gameplay trailer revealed during the Devolver Direct online event showed off a slew of action-packed gameplay footage, and it looks like Serious Sam 4 will be just as crazy and butchery as the originals.

Croteam announced earlier this year that the beloved Serious Sam franchise would return in a new game for PC and Stadia. The game will be a prequel to Serious Sam 3: BFE from 2o11, which also turned out to be a prequel to the original Serious Sam, so this new game will show an even earlier moment in Sam’s story. Originally titled Serious Sam: Planet Badass, the game has dropped the additional title of Serious Sam 4, but the game’s perverse nature seems to linger.

Croteam revealed earlier this year that Serious Sam 4 would use a new legion system that allows literally thousands of enemies to appear on screen at once. The trailer definitely delivers on this promise with many different types of enemies being shown attacking together, though the full extent of the legion system is likely to be saved for the game’s release.

This new gameplay feature will take the first person shooter to a whole new level as the waves of enemies become even more challenging. The cooperative has also been announced for the game, so players won’t have to face the hordes on their own.

Serious Sam 4 will launch in August 2020 on PC and Stadia.

Source : Gamerant 

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