Serious Sam 4 shifts release from August to September

Serious Sam 4 shifts release from August to September

Serious Sam 4 shifts

Serious Sam 4 shifts, do ya? Well, you don’t seem so “serious” about this launching in August lark to me. Unfortunately, the next entry in Croteam run-and-gun-and-scream-and-explode ’em up won’t launch this month as planned, with the devs today announcing that Sam’s fourth shooting gallery has been delayed into late September. It takes time to pack 100,000 baddies onto one screen, after all.

Well, said trailer is 18 seconds long and features a headless dude running into a digital release date sign. It might not be much, but it does match Serious Sam‘s over-the-top tone. Devolver Digital, the game’s publisher, know a thing or two about that as well. Its yearly game conferences always bring some absurd laughs, and this partnership feels like a no-brainer.

Legion System

As far as a series like Serious Sam even has a story, Serious Sam 4 acts as something of a prequel pitting your man Sam Stone and his cigar-chewing buds against the alien/mutant/bombhead hordes for the very first time. The big thing this time around is the Legion System, which supposedly allows for up to 100,000 foes to flood the environment at any one time. Crikey, I hope Sam’s packing enough ammo for that.

It may be serious orders of magnitude bigger, then, but this is still a Serious Sam game at heart. Serious Sam 4 shifts, Expect to spend plenty of time running backwards, blasting those hordes of foes with shotguns, bazookas, grenade-tossers and chainsaw-launchers. You’ll be able to gun your way through the campaign solo or with up to three pals.

Getting serious
Back in June, we interviewed Croteam’s Davor Hunski about Serious Sam 4. He touched on what the fourth entry will bring to the series, and the direction of the franchise going forward. It’s been a long time since Serious Sam 3, and the industry has changed a lot since then.

Here’s some of what Hunski had to say:

It’s been almost 10 years since we released a proper Serious Sam game, but the original formula still works very well. We didn’t feel like we needed to change a lot, so we decided to build on what we already had. With that being said, Serious Sam 4 will be a recognizable game that fits the series; the core gameplay will be the same, but with some modern FPS features added to the mix. Our focus from the get-go was to touch up and beautify the Serious Sam formula, not change it too much.

Serious Sam 4 now lands on September 24 for Steam and Stadia, with a console version set for 2021.

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