Sekiro Corrupted Monk boss guide – How to defeat the hooded?

Sekiro Corrupted Monk boss guide – How to defeat the hooded?

Sekiro Corrupted Monk boss, Some players can quickly defeat a Sekiro Corrupt Monk coach. There is a jogging technique that can finish it with one stealthy stroke, and even if you handle it conventionally, it will only have one health bar to worry about.

However, these players may have played the game a lot, and there was no quick answer the first time Sekiro ran (the one-hit technique involves sneaking past him unseen and using ashes and firecrackers to manipulate the monk’s stunning animation and bring him near a pole.

If you are facing a Corrupted Monk for the first time with a more normal level than the player’s skill level, some Sekiro Snap Seeds will even help things by stunning him up to three times. It’s still a test fight because that’s the point here, so stock up on it, prepare and follow our help on how to beat Sekiro Corrupt Monk boss.

The monk has an obscene posture, so you’ll need to do some damage before you can kill the thing. Sekiro Corrupted Monk boss, There are two types of unlockable attacks to watch, push (Mikiri Counter), and attack (jump on it like Mario). Aside from this, the battle is deceptively ahead, but it’s also fairly long.

You can use the fireworks to stun the monk for a short time if you want to give yourself more holes. It’s a good shout if you find the fight particularly difficult, although it is beneficial to learn attacks here because you’ll be fighting another copy later depending on which ending you want.

It is worth trying to dodge his spinning attack even though you feel that escape is the best option. Be wary of being late with the final blow in this attack even though it did delay the timing when compared to the others. Once a monk has about 33% of health left, you should be able to remove it by damage to posture and death strikes.

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