Screenshot Saturday Sundays lights out, power on time for a suburban

Screenshot Saturday Sundays lights out, power on time for a suburban

Screenshot Saturday, A screenshot on Saturday, Sunday! Yes, the sound of jingle bells may be fading irrepressibly on the horizon, but we can still stop being late in the face of the upcoming Christmas with a party-free version of these beautiful video game screenshots. This week: Interstellar suburbs, energy cascades, lights out and liveliness of rhythm.It’s a shame there isn’t a new mechanical toy to fill in this column every week. Let’s fix that with this great gif from Westgunne developer Jason Koohi.

From Hawken to Heaven Will Be Mine, I’m obsessed with a good Mech UI emerging (and from my constant frustration that I didn’t get one in Can Androids Pray). Koohi installed it here perfectly with an ultra-sleek set of analog displays and neon lights, upping the anime with a shortcut of a cocky pilot before exiting through the launch tunnel.

Westgunne itself looks flirty enough for side scrolling, and has the same arcade flair as the studio’s previous Stardust Vanguards. But honestly, I think I’d be happy just to rewatch the launch sequence over and over again.

Next, we find out what happened to the vanishing middle class. Apparently, they packed up and took their white fences into orbit with the spaceship problems. Screenshot Saturday, Given its hypothesis – the idea of ​​the last human survivors fleeing the Dead Earth to find a new home elsewhere Mattias Ljungström’s Sim Town has a very strange PC aesthetics. As the AI ​​manager for this interstellar colony, your job is to keep the inhabitants of this floating neighborhood healthy and happy, manage the ship’s “fragile ecosystem” and ensure that the heavenly city does not collapse before it can land on Earth 2.

Personally, I haven’t covered the events of Thief-with-gun in Gloamwood yet in this column which is a blatant shame. In my defense, developer Dillon Rogers turned all the lights on – how would I have done it?

Remember when the ability to turn off the lights was the biggest deal? It was Splinter Cell, to me, but I remember the sheer sense of power that came with the ability to alter the visual balance of a scene with a bullet. 20 years later, it’s still a pleasure to see Rogers run through space in a somewhat fast-paced race, though I think he will have more practical uses in Thief-ish pistol hitting in the final.

Our latest participation in the game isn’t a game, as much as it is relaxing music photographer from Mothergunship artist Chris Zuko.

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