Rockstar Games Reportedly Hints At ‘GTA 6’ Vice City

Rockstar Games Reportedly Hints At ‘GTA 6’ Vice City

Rockstar Games may have buried a lot of clues hinting at “GTA 6” Vice City in the recently launched Cayo Perico Heist in “GTA Online,” according to rumors. Rockstar Games is known for placing Easter eggs in some of their titles. Fans feel they are clues to other game studio games and future projects. It looks like the studio has done it again, and this time, it’s in Cayo Perico’s theft of “GTA Online”.

The first Easter Egg that may have something to do with “GTA 6” Vice City includes a free jacket that will be rewarded for players who participate in the 100 Billion Robbery Challenge. According to Comicbook, players can acquire a Panther Varsity jacket, which looks “normal” at first glance. However, the back of the jacket has the words “Hostess Ad Pulverem Fire”. The report revealed that the same script was used on a government building in the original “GTA Vice City”.

Apart from this, the new Cayo Perico update in “GTA Online” introduces a new character called Gustavo. The secondary character wears a Hawaiian shirt with a mixture of white and orange. The site claims that the shirt almost resembles the one worn by Gonzales in Vice City and Vice City Stories.

There are many possible explanations behind these details. It might just be a coincidence or maybe Rockstar Games has simply chosen to reuse some of their old designs. It’s also possible that the game studio will only honor the popular game. But some fans beg to differ, believing these details have something to do with “GTA 6” Vice City. Given the studio’s fondness for gaming excitement, some fans can’t help but speculate.

In the absence of any official confirmation and announcement from Rockstar Games, fans have been creatively looking for clues and hints that could convince them that “GTA 6” is underway.

Currently, Rockstar Games is working on a new “GTA 5” release on Xbox Series X, X, and PS5. The game is said to be dropping at some point in the second half of 2021.

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[…] It has long been rumored that GTA 6 will see a return to Vice City in some form or other, although there’s never been anything close to real proof. GTA 6 Vice City, The building in question is called the Harmony Avenue Church, which does seem an odd thing to reference in the Caro Perico Heist, and the phrase reads ‘pulverizing the enemy’ in false Latin. It’s true you don’t make up a phrase like that by accident but whether it’s meant as a genuine… […]