Riot is begging you to please report jerks in Valorant


Riot Valorant has quickly built a reputation as a great version of FPS games and an amplifier for the toughest elements in the gaming community…

Riot has already addressed some of his plans to address toxicity, and now developers are reiterating some of his planned steps. Meanwhile, Riot wants you to know that it would be really useful if you made use of the reporting function against toxic players.

New systems will land in the coming months to help tackle toxic players, and those systems will be fueled in part by data from player reports. The study says it will soon receive clear notifications when its reports are also activated soon.

“I feel like we have pretty decent management of cheats, although it will be an ongoing battle,” says executive producer Anna Donlon. “But where we are doing less well is disruptive behavior. I made a big commitment here at launch, and I am serious. I have funded an entire team to focus on nothing else, and they will see their work unfolding in the coming months.

“But we could really use your help. Like any system, you need data to get stronger. So use our reporting tools and get that data so we can make those systems even stronger than they are today. We are working on One way you know when your reports have real action on them, but in the meantime, you should know that we are actively restricting and banning players based on those reports. Keep informing those people so we can make the game a healthier place for everyone “.

Source : Pcgamesn 

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