Resident Evil series sells over 100 million copies worldwide

Resident Evil series

The Resident Evil series recently hit a particularly significant milestone in that it has now shipped 100 million copies worldwide. The news comes from a pair of Capcom reports which, when considered alongside one another, account for at least 100 million total global sales for the Resident Evil series.

About The News: 

The first report actually comes from the end of March, and includes sales figures for a range of Capcom’s most iconic IPs. Across 49 titles, the Monster Hunter series sold 63 million units. Meanwhile, Street Fighter has seen 44 million copies sold throughout its 93-game run. Capcom’s golden goose, predictably, was Resident Evil. 135 titles since its inception, the series had sold a whopping 98 million units as of March 31, 2020.

You’ll now be able to play as Resident Evil’s most iconic monster in the RE 3 remake’s multiplayer mode. The latest Resident Evil: Resistance update adds Nemesis as a playable character for the first time in the franchise and also adds former Russian special forces Nicholai Ginovaef as a Mastermind.

Resistance, which was originally supposed to be a spinoff, pits four Survivors against a Mastermind that can lay traps and sic monsters on them. If you choose to play as Nikolai, you’ll be able to control Nemesis to hunt Survivors down, though you can also use camera-mounted firearms, as well as trackers to keep an eye on them.

In an interview with PlayStation’s Tim Turi, the RE 3 and Resistance teams talked about how they redesigned Nemesis for a new audience. He still says “STARS” over and over, but he now has a new outfit and a new ability to infect zombies with parasites that is, in addition to wielding a Rocket Launcher so powerful it can wipe out whole Survivor teams at once. The free update with Nemesis and Nicholai is now available for download.

Resident Evil series

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