relationship advice, Sometimes life wants to pass from one …

relationship advice, Sometimes life wants to pass from one …

Relationship advice, The once lustrous plant used to live in my mom’s sunlit porch, and back then, it was huge. It lived with me, a second life, for two years before giving up the ghost.

At first, it dropped a few leaves and looked a little ashen. Next, it stopped taking in water, and I knew it was a goner.

It strikes me, much of life has a time-span we can’t control; not with special care and love, despite our good intentions. Sometimes life wants to pass from one form to another and the energy fades.

All things, whether life-forms or relationship advice, loves, and interests, or fancies pass when they are ready to go. Often, though, we fight their loss. We hold on to them with tooth and claw, battling to force them to survive.

We cling to old relationship advice, far past their usefulness and prime. We hang on to outmoded ideas and ways of behaving, just because they are familiar and we fear change.

Sometimes, we refuse to shed our metaphorical skin and transform like our spirit urges and ignore the call rapping at our door.

Much anxiety stems from the refusal to let go. The crazy thing is, often, once we release our failings and nonconstructive ways of living, fresh, helpful alternatives sprout through the ashes.

When you can’t see the good you’re due, you’re likely to hang back and refuse to shift into a better life. After all, you don’t know it’s better.

You listen to your critical inner voice, negative self-talk, relationship advice, allowing it to control your destiny and block out the yearning for improvement.

Sometimes we are aware something’s not working for us. Perhaps we hate our job or relationship advice going nowhere, but we sit tight anyway, hoping for a miracle.

Miracles happen, but you must make way for them, clearing out the debris, or they can’t flow. Understanding change can be the best thing that happens to you is a key to happiness.

You can’t see the future; you must trust life and stream with it. If good doesn’t surface from your change of direction, don’t worry.

You’re on a journey and it’s all part of the plan. relationship advise, Alter your course and try another way. Eventually, you’ll recognize you were trying to water a dead plant long afterlife fled and have finally found the way forward

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