Red Dead Online The Naturalist Arrives in Big New Update

Red Dead Online The Naturalist Arrives in Big New Update

Red Dead Online The Naturalist

After several months of waiting, Red Dead Online fans finally have a reason to smile. Red Dead Online The Naturalist, The next big update is now live and it adds a new Frontier Pursuit in the Naturalist. Players will be tasked with hunting animals as well as tracking and studying them.

Other new features include seven new Legendary Animals. There’s also the Wilderness Camp for creating a campfire near a location for cooking, crafting, resting or just hanging out. Five new dynamic events have also been added along with new daily challenges and new Weekly Collection sets from Madam Nazar.

Your new conservationist chum isn’t the only one after the seven new legendary beasties Rockstar’s dropped into the world, however, throwing a spanner into the works. She’s joined by big game hunter Gus Macmillan, and he wants you to help him out.

The Naturalist

So you’ve got an impossible choice: Harriet and the conservation of rare animals on one side, and Gus and his plans for their hides on the other. It should be easy, but isn’t one of the main goals of Red Dead Online the accumulation of fancy outfits? And only by teaming up with Gus will you be able to get unique garments made from these legendary animals. What a quandary!

Of course, the new role isn’t the only thing coming to Red Dead Online. Players will also have access to a new camera, weapons, and freemode events. The camera, in particular, looks fun, as you can earn different filters to improve your shots. The new guns include an improved bow and a new elephant rifle that should make killing large game much easier. You heartless poacher.

And, of course, the update comes with a new battle pass. It’s full of stuff for you to unlock whether you stick to the free one or upgrade to the Outlaw Pass. I will say, the paid version includes a new doggie that hangs out at your camp, so probably go for that one. He’s so cute!

Along with the Naturalist, players will also have access to the new Outlaw Pass. This includes up to 40 Gold Bars, unique Outfits and weapon modifiers, upgrades for the camp and so on over 80 ranks. The Outlaw Pass will be available till October 19th. Check out the trailers below for more details.

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