Sony Sees, PS5 October Release Date Listing Was Error


PlayStation 5 this October, the company has stated that the month was included in error. We’ll have to wait for official word from Sony to learn when the console will launch, and with Sony saying that it plans to share details on PS5, launch games, that could come relatively soon.

The job listing was created for a position at Sony Interactive Entertainment, and hosted on a Japanese recruitment website. The line in question mentioned that the PlayStation 5 would launch in October, which was the first mention of an exact release month for Sony’s next-generation console.

Japanese publication Famitsu contacted Sony for comment, who stated that the information was erroneously included by the recruitment company in question. Sony have been slowly revealing new details about the PS5 and its approach to the next-generation of its games. A few weeks ago, it revealed the DualSense 5; the PS5’s official controller with a host of new functionality for games to take advantage on. It has also revealed PlayStation Studios, a new brand that collects all of its exclusives under one banner.

By comparison, Microsoft have already revealed their new console, the Xbox Series X. Microsoft is also hosting monthly streams leading up to the launch of its new console, with the first showcasing third-party games scheduled to launch on the new hardware.

Source: GameSpot

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