Sony may reveal a first crop of PS5 games on June 3rd


PS5 games on June 3, according to Bloomberg. However, that date is not set in stone. Plans have reportedly “been changing,” due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic…

so you may have to wait beyond next Wednesday to learn about some PS5 games. If the company is hosting a game reveal stream next week, it probably won’t be too complete, either. Sony likely won’t “reveal all the essential details of the console” during the event, according to the report. More events may take place in the coming months to showcase PS5 news. For example, you could delay revealing your console design until later.

Although there have been several announcements for next-generation games, including some that will be available on PS5, Sony has yet to reveal much about its exclusive titles. There are other rumors that more news about PS5 games will emerge imminently. It looks like the next issue of PlayStation Official Magazine UK will cover 38 titles for the console and offer screenshots of the game.


Compared to Microsoft, which has been a bit more forthcoming with Xbox X Series gaming news so far, Sony is slightly behind the curve in terms of PS5 reveal. So far, the technical side of the console has been delved into, removed the wrappers of the DualSense controller and revealed the completely amazing logo of the system. Earlier this month, Epic Games revealed an impressive tech demo of Unreal Engine 5 running on a PS5, which gave insight into the images the console is capable of handling.

Source : Engadget 

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