PS4 Owners of Control Are Accidentally Upgraded

PS4 Owners of Control Are Accidentally Upgraded

PS4 Owners of Control, If the fact that CD Projekt Red is already managing to offer free PlayStation 5 upgrades to owners of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which is a five-year-old game, this latest revelation only makes the whole situation even worse for 505 Games and Remedy. You cannot upgrade your PlayStation 4 copy of Control to the next-gen version unless you own the newly-released Ultimate Edition, meaning that players who wish to do so must buy the game all over again despite the fact they may already own all the content this latest version contains.

We already knew all of this, but as it turns out, owners of the Deluxe Edition have been silently upgraded to the Ultimate Edition over the course of today. But then they were degraded back down again as word got out, meaning that the functionality is no longer available. This all cracked off over on gaming forum ResetEra, where users began reporting that they could download the Ultimate Edition without charge. However, fast forward to now and those same people are slapped in the face with a price and the option to “Add to Basket”.

As a recap, Control’s new £35 Ultimate Edition is the only one which will upgrade users for free to the game’s forthcoming next-gen version. The fact Remedy and publisher 505 Games elected to release a new version of the game and its DLC rather than offer a free upgrade to all existing owners of the game and its season pass sparked a furore among fans, who held up examples of other games and publishers managing their own next-gen upgrade plans differently.


Although now it seems that isn’t entirely true. A thread on Resetera yesterday details the experiences of multiple owners of Control‘s Deluxe Edition – which also won’t be present on next-gen consoles – who found that their version of the game had been upgraded to Control: Ultimate Edition. PS4 Owners of Control ,This only happened to PS4 owners of the game, and only in certain regions. When visiting the PS Store page for Control: Ultimate Edition, these players found that instead of being prompted to add the game to a digital shopping cart, they could download it right away. Control‘s Digital Deluxe edition had also seemingly been removed.

This was apparently a mistake, as players that had downloaded Control: Ultimate Edition in this way soon lost access to it. However, this mistake flies in the face of what 505 has said regarding upgrades for owners of the game on current-gen consoles. An already angered fan base for the game now has more reasons to be legitimately upset with 505 and developer Remedy, as it seems clear that the deluxe version of Control and its Ultimate Edition are the same product but with different names.

Source : pushsquare , eurogamer , dualshockers

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