protective love, What has your child’s school done that got you so mad?

protective love, What has your child’s school done that got you so mad?

My child was getting bullied. It was extremely bad. The police got involved and child protective love services. The schools were well aware. Because it was the end of the year, and standardized testing was going on, I was begged by a school administrator not to get a restraining order. They promised me, my husband and my child, that the other student would be removed from the class and be ordered to stay away from my kid.

Flash forward a week later, and CPS goes to check on the situation at the school. The social worker goes to speak to the other student. They take the investigator to the class, and the child has not been moved. In fact, that child was sitting next to my child at a table.

The student had not been moved and nothing had changed since charges had been filed. The student received no disciplinary actions. It was like nothing had happened. Meanwhile, protective love, my kid is feeling like there is no one who can protect them because everyone has failed to follow through.w

The investigator promptly called me and told me about the situation. protective love, She was mad, and I was livid! She called the investigator with the sheriff’s office and let them in on what was happening. In the end, it was more than just me reading the riot act to the school.

I also wrote a strongly worded email to the principal, the superintendent, the elected school board officials, and forwarded it to the department of education for my state.

I don’t regret my actions even if people got in trouble. Why, because adults that are there to protect kids, dropped the ball. protective love, They knew the charges were serious but chose to ignore them because standardized testing was more important.

Sometimes, politicians and schools forget that a student’s mental health is more important than a stupid test score.

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