Pokémon Go reinstates some lockdown bonuses

Pokémon Go reinstates some lockdown bonuses

Pokémon Go reinstates has brought back many of the previous lockdown bonuses introduced early this year as the Northern Hemisphere heads into an uncertain winter amid the ongoing global pandemic.

The incense has been boosted again, which means you can easily catch Pokemon eggs wherever you are, even at home on the sofa. Your friend Pokémon will give you gifts from nearby PokéStops several times a day, without having to go outside and spin them yourself.

Announcing the changes launched last night, developer Niantic announced that all current bonuses will now remain active “at least until June 2021”, Pokémon Go reinstates, with at least one month’s notice prior to any change.

Last month, Niantic cut the bonuses it was offering during the lockdown, which had previously been granted on a rolling 30-day basis. The decision to extend them all by at least seven months is an interesting move – one that may speak to Niantic’s estimates of the global health situation over the next half year, and how it will continue to influence its games, as well as the basis on which to think about and operate the events in the meantime.

It’s worth noting that there’s one major bonus – less incubator distance – that doesn’t return, though it will be offered during some events in the future, Niantic said.

“Look for the following bonuses to show up during specific upcoming events, and make sure they contain components that can be played safely regardless of your position: reduced brooder distance, increased trade distance, single packs of PokéCoin and more.”

Earlier this week, Niantic announced the biggest Pokémon Go update ever, Go Beyond, for its launch during the week of November 30. The game will get its first level cap increase to 50 through associated new challenges, introduction of seasons, competitive ranking reform, and introduction of Gen 6 creatures from the Kalos region.

Source : eurogamer

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