Pokemon GO: June Research Breakthrough Rewards

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO: June Research, a full list of events for June, including a new legendary Pokemon heist and the return of two popular events…

Pokemon Go announced today its full list of events and activities in June, including the Spotlight Hour event list and raid hour events. As announced earlier this month, Zekrom will arrive in Pokemon Go as a 5-star raid boss on June 16. In addition to appearing randomly in gyms at raids, players can fight Zekrom in special raid hour events on June 17, June 24 and July 1 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. local time.

The main feature for June is the Throwback Challenge Special Research, which players can access from June 3. During the Special Research Event, players can encounter Galarian Stunfisk in the wild and let Galarian Meowth, Pokemon GO: June Research, Galarian Zigzagoon, Galarian Darumaka and Galarian Stunfisk hatch from eggs. Players who have completed all of the previous throwback challenges can access this new special research to encounter multiple Galarian Pokémon and Genesect. Other players can also buy a ticket to a modified special research that offers rare sweets instead of Pokemon encounters as a reward.

Pokemon GO

In addition to the raid hour events, the spotlight hours will return for most of the month. After the launch on June 2, Pokemon Go will host the Spotlight Hours every Tuesday in June at 6 p.m. The spotlight Pokémon are Patrat (June 9), Numel (June 16), Clefairy (June 23) and Cricketer. Every event has its own bonus.

In addition, Pokemon Go will bring back its solstice event on June 19 and its bug out event on June 26. Both events last five days. More information about the events will be provided as they get closer. Last year’s Solstice event included Solrock and Lunatone Switch regions, while the Bug Out event increasingly included spawns on several types of Bug type Pokemon.

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