PogChamp emote removed On Twitch after controversial tweet

PogChamp emote removed On Twitch after controversial tweet

PogChamp emote, After a day steeped in controversy for the United States, Twitch did something somewhat unexpected. The platform has officially removed the old, popular expression “PogChamp”. Viewers can no longer find or use emoticons in chats. The reason behind this is the man behind this expression,

Ryan Gutierrez, who sent a disturbing tweet about the current situation in the United States. As a result, Twitch decided it was best to get rid of all affiliation with the previous streaming device. While the logic is sound, many fans were disappointed to see their favorite expression gone without a trace.

The PogChamp expression has officially been removed from Twitch
The origin story behind this dance originated on Ryan Guterriez’s YouTube channel. While Gutierrez, aka Gootecks, made the famous YouTube face, he was also a Twitch celebrity at the time.

During one of his excerpts from the Counter Cross TV series on YouTube, PogChamp emote, Gutierrez made the infamous face now and the rest is history. Twitch decided to apply the face to his platform and use the phrase PogChamp to express it.

However, earlier in the day, Gutierrez sent a hateful tweet about the violence occurring in Washington, DC. Essentially, Gutierrez is defending the violence that occurred when protesters stormed the US Capitol. Certainly in the minority with his opinion, many fans were outraged upon reading the tweet.

Obviously, Twitch felt the same way and immediately decided to remove PogChamp from the site.

Twitch stated that he will team up with the community to come up with a new expression to replace PogChamp. Previously, the now removed expression was dedicated to great, exciting moments on the broadcast. Now, something else, most likely a face of some kind, will be used for this.

Source: dailyesports 

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