PlayStation Looks to Have a Secretive Panel Planned for PAX Online

PlayStation Looks to Have a Secretive Panel Planned for PAX Online

PlayStation, Another week has come and gone and we still don’t know when Sony intends to release the PS5, or how much it will be charging for the platform. However, thanks to some new information that as noticed today, it seems like these revelatory answers could be finally coming to light next week.

Spotted by Push Square, Sony has a placeholder event scheduled to take place next week at PAX Online, but the details of the panel are still hidden right now. The event is set to occur on Friday, September 18 at 6:45pm EDT with it currently only being referred to as a “Sony Holder.”

Obviously, the fact that Sony is clearly keeping something under wraps here would make it easy to think that this mystery panel could be related to the PS5. That being said, whatever this panel might be almost certainly won’t be where the PS5’s price or release date itself will be unveiled. Why is that, you might ask? Well, the date and time in which this panel is taking place would make such a landmark announcement incredibly bizarre. Almost no major company in the world opts to do anything drastic on Friday afternoons right before the weekend arrives.

PAX Online

As is our way for EGX, Rock Paper Shotgun are all over this like a rash. I’ve got a lovely chat about how to write endings with Failbetter Games’ narrative director Chris Gardiner, Katharine has an interview with the Inkle devs about upcoming Arthurian puzzle-story game Pendragon, PlayStation, Nate is doing loads of stuff to do games that have dwarfs in, plus a billboard interview with Sid ‘Sid Meier’s Civilization’ Meier, and we’ve already told you about our excellent live podcast. To cap it all off, VidBuds Matthew and Colm are doing a full day of live streaming for Indies Uncovered on Thursday the 17th! Howzat!

We’re also going to post about some of the lovely games that will be showcased over the week, and give you reminders for the fun things we think you should watch. Follow along with our dedicated PAX-EGX tag for all PAX X EGX #content on RPS. And, of course, explore everything on the official PAX X EGX website yourself.

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