PlayStation Plus Free Games For June 2020 Available Now

PlayStation Plus

After many cast a shadow over Sony after the company’s lackluster deals for May 2020, it seems that gamers are expecting a lot from June’s PlayStation Plus deals to make up for disappointing production this month…

By bringing both Farm Simulator 2019 and Cities Skylines into play, gamers have made it clear to Sony that they want bigger, more valuable games going forward, especially with companies like Epic Games giving PC players titles like Grand Theft Auto 5. , Civilization 6, and Just Cause 4 without even having to pay any subscription fees.

Sony seems to have heard the criticism and announced yesterday that players would be hosting one of the games in early June, with Call of Duty: WW2 being the first of next month’s releases. Following yesterday’s report, Call of Duty WW2 was officially launched, and players can access the game for free starting today.

The early release of the title appears to be in conjunction with Memorial Day, which means players can immerse themselves in a game surrounding one of the most brutal conflicts in history and truly appreciate the sacrifices that thousands of brave soldiers paid for. This appears to be one of the biggest games Sony has gifted its subscribers in recent months, with the Call of Duty franchise often far from respective PlayStation and Xbox gifts.

PlayStation Plus

Of course, rumors have begun to emerge that a second game will be joining Call of Duty: WW2, with many claiming that Marvel’s Spider-Man could launch on PlayStation Plus in June. Without a doubt, it would send an important message to gamers that Sony is keen to improve its game when it comes to the free titles included in PlayStation Plus, with Spider-Man easily as one of the most purchased PlayStation 4 exclusives. Few games as big as the webheads hit PS4, and it would certainly be a fantastic gesture for Sony to offer it to fans for free.

PC gamers have recently had a lot of options when it comes to free games, with the Epic Games store currently offering numerous free titles to keep gamers busy while stuck at home. As for Xbox, the free games currently available are V-Rally 4 and Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr, with Overlord 2 available on Xbox 360.

Source: GameRant

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